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Commercialism of Public Spaces

The spread of commercial culture into some of our most valued public spaces – from our public roadways to educational institutions and health care facilities is putting 'in your face' advertising in places that - unlike your television or radio - you can't turn off.  

Should we permit corporations to turn our every waking moment into one long advertisement?  Scenic St. Petersburg thinks not.

A company has approached the City for permission to install a new bus shelter in exchange for being allowed to place advertising on the shelter. Another company has already installed sixty advertising shelters in other parts of the county. Currently, such roadside advertising is illegal in St. Petersburg. 

The city is proposing a change in our sign code to allow advertising in the public right-of-way.  If you agree that such commercialism of our public spaces is wrong, contact your Council member (or the Council as a whole) and let them know.  Scenic St. Petersburg has provided a convenient link that you can use to send your message - just click on Take Action to let your representatives know how you feel

In case you are wondering what these shelters would like like, here's some examples.  Note the poor maintenance; apparently the PSTA's contract with Signal Outdoor is not being enforced.

More pictures.