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Nevada DOT Report on Digital Sign Brightness


This excellent Scenic America's Resources page is organized to help you sort through all of the issues and considerations. Digital Billboards are an extremely complex issue and this piece can equip you with a solid foundation for meetings and give you a basis to fully understand various governmental, citizen and industry arguments on this issue.

Refering to Large Numbers of Flawed Industry Sponsored Studies Doesn't Prove Safety

Veridian Report: A Critical, Comprehensive Review of Two Studies Recently Released by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America

Industry Insider Sheds Light on Why THEY Want a Deal

Webpage containing Richard Erickson's letter about Rope-A-Dope sales strategy and the specific financial advantages to the billboard companies for making these deals. The specifics on retiring older format billboards are enlightening. This letter was written to assist his local Scenic Affiliate when they were facing the Billboard industry on this issue. Former industry insiders don't want these billboards in THEIR neighborhoods either.\

Florida joins in asking Federal DOT to allow commercial advertising on Interstate "Amber Alert" signs

This document from the California DOT discusses the billboard industry's plan to replace the current text-only overhead Interstate signs with LED billboards capable of display graphics and motion.  The signs would be funded by the billboard industry in return for a change in the Highway Beautification Act and other Federal laws prohibiting the use of these signs for advertising.

Scenic America Highlights

Digital and the Highway Beautification Act

Position Paper Regarding the Propriety for Permitting and Digital Billboards on Interstate and Federal-Aid Highways Under the Highway Beautification Act

Paper includes relevant language in the law and regulations.

Digital Safety Issues

Scenic America Safety Page Continuously updated information. What you don't know CAN hurt you...and cost our city a fortune! The billboard industry is focused on getting deals in place prior to this issue overwhelming their efforts. They are putting most of their resources into fighting over this objection at the National level.